BETTER IN CONSTRUCTION CP Miller Construction Services has been operating since 2010. A company restructure and amalgamation of related entities occurred in May 2014. More Information
PRIVATE RESIDENT Private rural residence comprising 4 bedrooms + 3-bathroom open plan living with resort style games room opening to luxury pool and spa facilities. More Information
PLAIN 2 Commercial Offices and 3 Boutique Apartments featuring swimming pool, gymnasium and residences lounge and bar. More Information
RESIDENTIAL 12 one bedroom + one bathroom and two bedroom + two bathroom units, including swimming pool, spas, gymnasiums and residence lounges. More Information
VIBE Modern 8 apartments comprising of 1 bedroom + 1 bathroom, 2 bedroom + 1 bathrooms, 2 bedroom + 2 bathroom apartments and 1 commercial unit. VIBE offers resort style facilities, gymnasium plus a rooftop theatre and viewing deck. More Information

CPM Construction Services

  • CP Miller construction company primarily focusing on small to medium density residential and developments. Consisting of a modest team of dedicated professionals committed to delivering quality workmanship, on time and within budget!
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    Why choose CP Miller Construction

    • Absolute commitment to the clients’ objectives
    • A qualified team with advanced communication and leadership
    • Each client vision from concept to completion is supported and satisfaction is guaranteed
    • With responsibility directed to where it can be best employed to achieve excellent performance
    • Quick and effective decision making
    • Highest standards of construction quality
    • Superior build rates
    • Great reputation for realistic budgets.

    Vision statement:

    Strong foundations are imperative! CP Miller’s commitment is to provide high quality construction at a very competitive cost and ensure our clients project vision is fostered from concept to completion.


    Our short term goal is to deliver the current projects in a timely manner and exceed our customers’ expectations each and every time. Our long term goal is to continue providing this service and financial growth to our current clients and expand our presence in both the commercial and residential sector. Enthusiastically seeking alternative development projects to prove our willingness to partner with a range of professionals and expand our client base.