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CP Miller Construction Company primarily focusing on medium to large density residential and developments. Consisting of a modest team of dedicated professionals committed to delivering quality workmanship, on time and within budget!

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Absolute commitment to the clients’ objectives A qualified team with advanced communication and leadership Each client vision from concept to completion is supported and satisfaction is guaranteed With responsibility directed to where it can be best employed to achieve excellent performance Quick and effective decision making Highest standards of construction quality Superior build rates Great reputation for realistic budgets.

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Our commitment is to provide high quality construction at a very competitive cost and ensure our clients project vision is fostered from concept to completion.

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Our construction has a strong track record of success completing projects safely, on time, and on budget. Click to find out how we can help with your next project.

Project Management

Our construction is up to date on the latest best practices in Project Management.

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With established industry partnerships and the use of cost effective strategies, exceptional value is delivered and memorable results realized.


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